Compiling NetXMS Agent on Alpine Linux

I needed to use the NetXMS agent on my Alpine Linux system which I am using as a utility linux server. The source-code download link for NetXMS v2.2.10 (latest at the time of this writing) is at

Here is the quick set of dependent packages and libraries I needed to install to be able to compile the NetXMS agent for my Alpine Linux box.

apk add --update alpine-sdk
apk add gcc glibc 
apk add g++ automake openssl-dev
apk add libcurl curl-dev
apk add libssh-dev
apk add mosquitto-libs mosquitto-dev
apk add cmake
apk add linux-headers

After installing the above, I could compile and install the NetXMS Agent component with:

tar -xzvf netxms-2.2.10.tar.gz
cd netxms-2.2.10
sh ./configure --with-agent
make install

After successful installation you can just modify your NetXMS Agent config at /etc/nxagentd.conf (or copy it over from one of your other linux boxes) and launch the agent as a daemon using:

nxagentd -D